Patriarchal Blessing of Cintha Abaih Bradley
27 Jan 1881 Moroni, Sanpete, Utah
Given by James M. Works, Charles Muvig as Scribe

Upon the head of Cintha Abaih Bradley Morley daughter of Thomas Jefferson Bradley and Betsy Croll, born at the town of Clarance, Erie Co., state of New York on September 14 1833.
Sister Cintha Abaih in accordance with thy desires and according to the dictates of the Holy Spirit into me, I lay my hands upon thy head at this time to seal a Patriarchal or Fathers blessing upon thee, that shall be a source of comfort and consolation unto thee in the future for though art a child of God by adoption, and through thy obedience to the Gospel, though art entitled to the blessings that are from God, unto Abraham and Sarah and their seed after them through faithfulness, and though art one that has embraced the gospel in the days of thy youth, and have endured many of the trials of privations of life, that the Saints have had to go through in the days of thy youth in order to give them experiences in the building up the Church and kingdom of God, as it will be built up the last days, and thou hast endured the trials with out murmuring or complaining at the hard dealings of God with thee and thy family, for the destroyer has been on thy path, and sought to destroy thy peace and happiness here upon the Earth, but now the key is turned in thy favor and the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon thee in Power and fill thy mind with knowledge concerning the plan of salvation as it exists in Heaven and on Earth and thou shall commune with holy angels and with spirits of just men made perfect and the angels of thy presence shall go before thee and be around about thee to protect thee from harm and from accident while thou are attending to thy daily labor, and the angels of health shall be near thee in every time of need and the destroyer shall pass by thee as he did the children of Israel and not harm thee thy Lineage is of Joseph through the Lines of Ephraim and thou shalt come to thine inheritance in the land of Zion, when the Earth is redeemed and Sanctified according to the Order of Heaven these Blessing I seal upon thy head and seal thee up with eternal life at the head of Posterity in connection with thy husband in the Redeemer's Kingdom upon conditions of thy faithfulness in the name of Jesus our Redeemer even so amen.