History of Robert Houston, James Jordan, Charles Washington, and George Preston Davis
This excerpt comes from "Salem City of Peace" pp. 35-38.

Now we write about another Davis family who came from Tennessee to Salem. Of the four brothers who located in Salem, Robert H. is first mentioned in the history of Salem; Jordan Davis is mentioned next. Whether all four brothers Robert H., Jordan, George P., and Charles W. came at the same time to Salem is not known to the writer. Circumstances indicate they all came in the eighteen-sixties.
Robert H. Davis married one of Royal Durfey's daughters, Sarah. After the Indian troubles passed, this couple made their home above the Salem Canal in the southeast area of Salem on a large farm. With two or three others, he owned two second foot or more of water that came out of water canyon. Robert has already been mentioned as a leader in affairs. This is further indicated by his trips back to the Mississippi River to assist emigrants and his leadership from 1870-1878 as first Bishop of the Salem Ward. Their family consisted of the following members: Robert Jr., known as "Bob", who married Phoebe R. Stone (Bob's life span was from February 29, 1864 to May 29 1933). Bob and Phoebe had one daughter, Phoebe, who was raised by the grandmother Sarah after the mother died. Later, this daughter married Gus Carlson. Bob, the father, then married Lizzie Davis Haws, who was divorced from her husband. Lizzie and Bob adopted a girl left by Joannah Tiffany through death of the mother. This girl was known as Dottie Davis and in time became the wife of Chris Nelson. The second child of Robert H. was Alma, who first married Tesse Brown, second Myrtle Hogan. The third child, Olive, married Mathew Grant; K. T. Davis married Ada Gardner; Wesley married Helen Lundholm, and William Lars married an out-of-town girl Harriet Coombs and moved to Spanish Fork when he retire.
Jordan Davis and his first wife Eliza Haywood Hallett lived on the corner of three or four acres of ground extending south to the pond, one block south from the Salem Church, later owned by J. Q. Stone. He was well known in Salem because he had purchased produce and hauled to the mining camps for years. He was a good trader. Also, in the nineties, he kept the Salem Post Office and notion store for several years in a special frame building on the corner near their adobe home. His first wife bore him five children: Lunie (Rachel) Caroline who became the wife of James Hanks; Catherine Hallet married Alford Parsons; William (known as Jordan's Billy) married one of P.A. Peterson's daughters, Carrie, and then married a second daughter Eliza A. after Carrie died. Five children were born to William and Eliza A.: Leo Davis who married first Cora Cloward and then Mable Boyack Anderson, Clifton, Russel, Vera, and Ethel married M. Atwood.
Jordan then married a sister of William Kelsey, Harriet of Springville. She came from a polygamist family and was very cultured and thrifty. The home nearer the church and pond was traded to J.Q. Stone for their present brick home. The children of the second wife follows: Henry married Emma Cloward and moved to Idaho; Nellie married David A. Stone; R. K. Davis married Rhoda Nebeker from Payson; Emma and Grace, each married and lived in Salt Lake City; Ray, contractor, gilsonite miner, Bishop, and mayor of the city, married Mary Christensen; Lettie married Henry Peterson, Lester, the plasterer; Ernest married Emma Stone, then later Ivy Cloward; Floyd married Myrle Hales; Lester married Margie Hanley; and Lola married Gordon McBeth from Payson.
Ray Davis was born in Salem, Utah Dec. 5, 1886. He served as councilor and president of the Y.M.M.A. Association in the Salem Ward and also served as councilor in the Palmyra Stake Y.M.M.I.A. He served as Bishop of the Salem Ward for 12 years, from Jan, 1929 to Jan. 1941. He helped build the Salem Ward Chapel and it was dedicated during the time that he was Bishop. He served 8 years as mayor of Salem City and did many improvements during his term such as putting in a few miles of hard surfaced roads, completing the project of segment sidewalks, and helping in beautifying the cemetery. He also started the Salem Lake Park, which involved the putting in lawn, piping the water and the electric lights, and putting up tables and stoves. He married Mary Christensen. She served also in the ward and stake. She taught Sunday School and served as president of the Y.L.M.I.A. and president of the Relief Society. They were the parents of seven children: Chester R. Davis married LuWana Grotegut; Florence married Veloy Vest, who was killed in World War Two, and married Paul Valgardson; Carlos C. married Elayne Olsen; H. Clyde married Annabelle Rust; Leland J. married Barbara Neilson; Kent B. married Lois Peterson; and Harold E. married Lorna Meason.
Charles W. Davis and his wife Deliah lived adjoining the Salem Canal in the southeast part of the city. Their property joined D.R. Taylor's city block on the south. They were a home couple, raising seven children, five girls and two sons. Lucious, the older son married Martha Smith and raised a family. The girls follow: Delila married Don Carlos Miner and moved away; Hannah married John Warren from Springville; Winnie married Alexander Beckstead; Loretta married Robert Taylor (Lewis son) and moved to Ogden; Isabell married Ambrose Stewart and they operated the old family farm; the youngest son, Hyrum married Henretta Palmer of Payson and lived north of the State Highway near the County infirmary.
George P. Davis, one of the four Salem brothers, seems to have joined the L.D.S. Church first. It is reported he had a close association with the Prophet Joseph while the saints were in the states. It appears he came early to Utah with the saints and finally settled in Salem with his wife. Their home and farm is located on the east side of the road extending beyond the Salem Canal. Hilly land was no determent as he was accustomed to it in Tennessee. Much of his talk and memories were of the past. His first wife Sarah Elizabeth Lewis from the south bore him six children: George Henry who died young, Benjamin William, John O., Sarah, and Rachel Joannah. After the death of this first wife, he married Harry Hazel's sister, Mary Ann. The children of his second wife were: Mary Emma, Martha Matilda, Lucinda Almire, Eliza Pricilla who married Charles A. Marrott, Bertha Dorthy who married William Evans, Agnes Delia, James Robert, Alice June, George Wesley, Joseph Andrew, Henry Arson who married Flora Thompson; Ray Lee who married Juletta, and Albert L. who married Mary Ellen Flygare. Albert L. and his wife built a brick home on the west side of the road south of Harry Hazel's farm. Albert passed away soon after marriage, and his wife followed a few years later.