Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7: Page 567-568

While Joseph Stewart Allen, was in Zion's Camp, walking as he did most of the way, his shoes gave out, but he went on as long as he could although his feet were sore and bleeding. He said to his companion one day, "I simply can't go on any further." They sought out a fallen tree, sat down to rest, and then knelt and prayed to our Heavenly Father for assistance. As they arose to continue their journey they saw a pair of shoes by the side of the log. "These were surely meant for you, Brother Allen," said his companion, "they would not fit my feet---they are too small." So Grandfather put the shoes on, which fit perfectly, and they went on their way, feeling secure that faith in the Lord always brings its reward. Later, while he was on a mission in Indiana, the following incident occurred.

It was in the spring of the year; he and his companion had made an appointment for a meeting the following evening. The next day as they were on their way to fulfill the appointment, the little stream which they had so easily corssed the previous day was now a raging torrent, impossible to cross. They remembered a ferry upstream but going there would make them late for their meeting. Grandfather said: "Let us ask the Lord what we should do." As they arose from their knees they saw a large man on an extra large horse coming across the stream toward them. "Do you gentlemen wish to cross?" "We do," "Then mount and I will take you over." After dismounting on the other side, they turned to give thanks to their kind benefactor, but to their surprise and astonishment both horse and rider were gone. The two men went their way rejoicing, having learned the power of faith.