Poem Two
When I am gone and far away
And you no more can see
Go to some lonely place and pray
And there remember me
When I am gone and the moon shines bright
Go out some night and see and think that I am gazing too
And there remember me
When I am gone and you are alone
And you should lonesome be
My little children call around
And talk to them of me
When you go to take a pleasant walk
The garden flowers to see
Remember the sweetest you once could find
You pluck them all for me
When you are around the fireside
And all is well with thee
Remember I am in a distant land
And wish you was with me
With faintest heart you oft will gaze
Impatient for to see
But you will look
And look again but yet it is not me
For I will be in distant lands
Perhaps beyond the sea
And when my mission it does end
I will return to thee
But if I do no more return
Then shed no tears for me
Remember well the words I left
Wish was remember me

This I composed February the 10th 1864 in Salt Lake City.