Journal History, 7 Oct 1844, Nauvoo Conf. Minutes from T&S
Moved and seconded, that Jonathan H. Hale, Isaac Higbee, John Murdock, David Evans, Hezekiah Peck, Daniel Garns, Jacob Foutz, Tarlton Lewis, and Israel Calkins, be sustained as bishops in their several wards. Carried unanimously,

Journal History, 31 Dec 1844, from William Clayton, Journal
The names of the constant hands who attended Brother Player's crane are Tarlton Lewis, Archibald Hill, John Hill, Hans Christian Hansen and Charles W. Patten.

Journal History, 7 Apr 1845, from William Clayton, Journal
The City of Nauvoo, having been organized into ten wards, Bishops were appointed over each. Their names are as follows:
John S. Higbee, Bishop of 1st Ward
Chandler Rogers, Bishop of 2nd Ward
Isaac Higbee, Bishop of 3rd Ward
Tarlton Lewis, Bishop of 4th Ward
Edward Hunter, Bishop of 5th Ward
Daniel Garns, Bishop of 6th Ward
Joseph B. Noble, Bishop of 7th Ward
Jacob Foutz, Bishop of 8th Ward
Jonathan H. Hales, Bishop of 9th Ward
Hezekiah Peck, Bishop of 10th Ward

Andrew Jenson, Church Chronology, November 22, 1890 (Saturday)
Tarlton Lewis, one of the Pioneers of 1847, died at Teasdale, Piute Co.