Patriarchal Blessing of Lila Gull Nelson, Given by Samuel H. Hurst, 10 Feb 1952, Salt Lake City

Sister Lila Nelson: In the authority of the Holy Priesthood, and with faith in the Lord, I give unto you a Patriarchal Blessing. You have asked for this blessing with faith that you might be strengthened for your life's mission upon the earth. Guard against discouragement for you are very highly favored of the Lord. He has given unto you the inspiration of his spirit. As a result you are a member of his church and have received of the ordinances of the Holy Priesthood until you are now a candidate for the highest degree of the Celestial Glory. These blessings and ordinances would have appeared foolishness to you as they do to people of the world if it were not for this Divine Spirit that you have received.
When trials and obstacles come it often becomes the stepping stones to greater heights, and a clearer understanding of the purposes of life. You should go to the Lord in secret, as well as in your family prayer in gratitude for the many things you enjoy. I bless you that you may fulfill honorable the mission that is yours in a home that has been sanctified for the abode of chosen spirits of the Lord. There is no higher calling in the kingdom of God than has been assigned to the mothers of Zion, and I bless you that you may enjoy the influence of the Holy Spirit, and be able to pass that spirit on to others of your loved ones that it may give unto them support and encouragement.
You have already received joy in laboring under the call of authority and your influence has been felt for good, I bless you that your health may be such as will enable you to labor for the blessing of others. There are many of the youth of today who are being deprived of the love and affection that build for righteousness. Be kind to those who may cross your pathway in life, for a kind word and a smile may give them the added strength they need to carry on. Remember the words of the Master wherein he said, "If ye do it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Many of the most beloved of the Lord have never filled positions of prominence, and have never been too highly esteemed in society, but they have let their influence be felt in the more humble walks in life, and have been considerate of the feelings of others, and shall be rewarded with occupying the highest seats in eternity.
I bless you that you may fill the measure of your creation well as you let your influence go out to the blessing of others.
You are of the the House of Israel through the loins of Ephraim, therefore, it is your right to claim the blessings that were given to that royal household, and you shall be numbered with the women who carry on the work of the Lord, and pass on to others the covenants that were given to Abraham.
I seal you up against the great day of the Lord that as destruction come upon the wicked that righteousness may rule in the earth, you may remain firm in the truth and be preserved until you have finished your mission, thence to come forth in the holy resurrection to immortality and eternal life, and enjoy all of the blessings of the sanctified in the kingdom of God through all eternity.
These blessings I seal upon your head through your faithful adherence to all of the requirements of the gospel, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.