Patriarchal Blessing of Wallis Baird Nelson, Given by Samuel H. Hurst, 10 Feb 1952, Salt Lake City

Brother Wallis Baird Nelson: Responding to your request, and by virtue of the calling I have in the Holy Priesthood, I place my hands upon your head and give unto you a Patriarchal Blessing. I do this relying upon the Holy Spirit for guidance that you may receive the blessing that the Lord would dictate.
You are here in mortality according to a divine plan. That means you are not here solely for the purpose of accumulating wealth, neither are you here for pleasure, but that you might have joy, and if you continue to serve the Lord and use the talent which he has given, and that you have been able to develop through his guidance, for the blessing of mankind, and use your means in supplying the needs and desires of your family that they may grow in an understanding of the truth, you shall receive this joy in rich abundance, for the inspiration of the Almighty shall enlarge your soul and increase your capacity for good that shall bring rewards beyond anything you have yet contemplated.
You received the Holy Priesthood that you might be able to act officially for the Lord, and also that the powers of the same may prepare you in due time to see your Redeemer. You are therefore, one of the favored sons of God in the real sense of the term. I bless you that your faith may not fail you but not withstanding temptations may come, and trials and difficulties may beset your pathway, you may receive the fortitude to conform your life to the covenants you have made and in turn receive the promised blessings from the Lord.
You are a partaker of the covenant that was given to Abraham of old, even that of becoming a father of the faithful, that your seed may increase and continue to spread until the earth has fulfilled its temporal destiny. You are of Ephraim in the House of Israel, therefore, your mission is to teach faith in the Redeemer of the world, and lead mankind to repentance, and as your brethren receive the inspiration of heaven you shall be called into other lines of activity, even that of performing the various duties essential to salvation and setting in council with the brethren in the Priesthood in planning for the accomplishment of the work of the church, that your life in mortality may be a blessing to mankind.
I bless you that in your temporal affairs you may be successful providing you use the means with a spirit of helpfulness, and with an eye single to the glory of God. If this is your purpose the spirit shall whisper unto you, when you shall need his guidance, the course you should pursue.
Your lot has been cast to live upon the earth in days of uncertainty when peace has been taken from the earth and when the adversary is endeavoring to destroy all that would lead men to righteousness. You should, therefore, be prayerful and remain humble that you may be near unto the Lord. Guard against pride and haughtiness for these are tools that the adversary uses in staying the progress of man. If you will abide by these conditions you shall live upon the earth until you have finished your work, and be strengthened according to your needs in meeting the problems that arise because of the unrest that prevails.
In the morning of the first resurrection it shall be your right to come forth with the just and be quickened to immortal glory that you might be a partaker of eternal life, that in the kingdom of God you may enjoy the companionship of your loved ones and the association of those who have been valiant in the testimony of Jesus. Here you shall receive every blessing and every right that you have been promised in the House of the Lord, and stand with your progenitors as a savior unto them because of the heed you have given in mortal life in bringing unto them the blessings to which they would have been heir had they lived when the gospel was on earth.
These blessings I seal upon your head together with all others that would make your life complete on condition that you keep all of the commandments of the Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.