"I was born in a two room adobe house in Big Cottonwood Ward, now called Holladay, Utah. My parents were among the first settlers in that part of the Country. My father was a farmer. I was the 3rd child of a family of 12. I was baptized when eight years old in a mountain stream of water, running through the top part of our farm. At an early age I helped do the work both in the house and on the farm, picking up potatoes, husking corn, milking cows, caring for chickens and geese, running errands, and helping get honey from the hives. We lived by Big Cottonwood Creek. The Indians camped by the stream. They came to our place to beg and many times mother would give them her last loaf of bread. There were lots of Indians in those days and we children got pretty frightened of them. In 1879 father built a new brick house and we moved in the fall of 1885. My parents moved to Idaho. We traveled by team - taking us twelve and one-half days to get there. We came back and again located in Holladay. We farmed for two years then we went to Colorado - staying there one winter. We came back and ran a farm in Taylorsville. It was on this farm I met a young man by the name of George Newbold and on the 15th of October 1891 we were married in the Logan Temple, Logan, Utah."
Elizabeth passed away 6 February 1943 in Bluffdale, Utah. Her husband was born 17 July 1871 in Sheepshead, England, son of William Orson Newbold and Alice Hackett. He passed away 10 December 1949 in Bluffdale, Utah. George and Elizabeth were blessed with ten children, the first 3 born in Taylorsville, Utah, the 4th child born in Herriman, Utah and the remaining six born in South Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah.